About Myself

Here on WordPress, I have nicknamed myself coffee2media to later talk about coffee and my perspective on modern and older media. Though considering that a number of my posts so far have been riddles, I should mention that I have been known as the Riddler, particularly in my high school years, during so I wrote a good number of these riddles in my spare time within sophomore English class and continued to do so until I started college. Outside of these nicknames and impressions, my real name is David and am an IT specialist and Starbucks snob.

As for my works, these are just a part of my many hobbies that I dabble in. The focus of this wordpress is to share to the curious my many poems, short story ideas, and my never ending supply of riddles that I occasionally come up with or pull from my high school archives. I hope you enjoy what you read, and if you would, please leave some comments on them. Put me on the spot if you notice any bad grammar, or if the piece fails conceptually, and better yet if there are parts within a piece that I should expound upon. I am always willing to learn and take into account what you may have to say. You just have to reply.


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