What is a true friend?

What does true friendship look like?
To me,
    that which is not imposed,
    rather a natural progression.

Bearing with one another,
Laughing with each other,
Living life together.

Building each other up,
And working out that which keeps us apart;
Mutually refining that which defines us.

And at the end of the day,
We are not bound by material matters,
    rather in love and respect for each other’s character.

I greatly treasure the time we have spent together
For some, it felt short and yet so priceless
And to others, I hope we continue to grow all the more.


Peace – Winter

The soft crunch of snow and ice underneath your feet
The gentle hug of hat and scarf
    and the stronger embrace from jacket and gloves
You sigh and your breath freezes for a second there

Or be it by the fireplace,
    the constant crackle as the logs give way
    and the warmth reaches straight to your soul
With cupped hands around your drink
    or embracing the one you love.
Or is Winter just hugging you back?