The Unnamed Companion

It has a name, but even Its name mocks It, that It would rather go unnamed. It has a heart, but not one that happily thrives nor gloomily drums. Its heart has a tune that tends to drone on, that is the only signal of Its life.

There It is, carrying its weight around the vacancy that the mobs have eternally given It. Alone and seemingly lifeless, it stays there. But some of It’s weight drifts into individuals, so light to the touch and subtly there that it passes off as nothing. But this weight of It is more meaningful and abundantly growing in their hearts.

It prefers to fall into place, but often instead leaps and bounds around where it wants to eventually settle. And if not by bounds, it drifts lazily into its nesting place. And in Its nest, it radiates the warmth of Peace and equally of Calamity. It’s closest friends are Patience and Loneliness, and as they cross paths, Truth tags along. And with the four of them together, Truth finds itself a better place to call home, Patience leads to better pastures, Loneliness constantly changes, and It grows all the more.

Where or why does It rest? As a companion, It knows when to come and go without being asking it to. Why does It prefer to stare not just at you, but at me as well? As a companion, either forgotten or remembered, It always remembers you and begs for you to remember It. Ultimately, what is It? I leave that for you to guess.


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