A Letter from Brother to Brother

Dearest Brother,

Seriously, what’s wrong with you?

Why don’t you think everything through?

I knock on your brain and it replies

With the obnoxious saying, “Knock, knock”

Stop talking back at me, you fiend

I wish your lying tongue would reside

Shut up and stop being so mean

Knock and knock, you go

Take your eyes off that screen

And listen to what our parents have to say

Stop jabbering about nonsense

Again on your brain do I

Knock, knock

Stop and listen

It’s just that simple

Follow this knock and have a great day

Your brain shouldn’t be this dense

Don’t treat your siblings that way

Don’t push or pull

Can’t you treat us any better?

Knock, knock,

Is there anything in there?

Knock, knock

Shut up, listen, and learn

Knock, knock!!!

Stop bugging me and I’ll stop knocking

Are you listening?

No, you’re not

Knock, Knock

Who’s in there?

Your Affectionate Brother,


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