Chapter 1 – A Way to Escape

Here I am. Trapped. I could rattle off at least 50 ways in which I prefer to die, but being trapped within a high security cell isn’t even my 51st.

One way to get out: I will need to believe in my strength to endure in carving out an access tunnel from under my bed to the outside world. Much like in the movie Shawshank Redemption.

Second idea: take out the regularly posted guards to my cell and use whatever knowledge I know of the premise and make an expedient exit. Alas, I know so little for this to be an idea worth pursuing.

A third possibility: wait a decade or so and act the part of a youth who has lost all bearings on his mind. And hope in the authorities to make the right act and shove me off the psych ward or some silent asylum. And within that process make a hast hysterical exit and be home free…no, as much as I love the idea of that playing out, I have no sense of patience to do that.

My fourth and prime choice of escape: with patience(unlike that of a decade) and diligence learn all that I can as to how this place is run, the intricate details of the rotation of the guards, all measures of physical and software security in place, and in that system expose some fatal flaw such that I unravel a relative straight path to my freedom.

But here in lies the problem with any of these options. I am very much trapped within this cell that I have no muscle that one calls a tongue nor the extremities known as hands. And to further complicate the situation I am strapped down into a hospital bed with a million fold of wires stuck to me monitoring every spec of my body and soul. My options at this point are extremely limited, but that is soon to change.


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