What is love?

Why seek a love that isn’t permanent?

Why seek a love that is always to fail, imminent?

Why seek such a love that is devoid of hope?

Or of radiant joy or of patience?

Why would you seek a love that is no longer love,

And instead seek a sickening passion,

Or a venomous desire?

Why would you share out a hollow love

Of external completeness and sincerity,

But of internal doubt and distance?

And in return, shall this love make you complete?

Or do you seek something else?

Do you seek a temporary, empty love?

Do you seek a love of corruptness and pride?

Again, why would you seek such a deformed shape of love?

Will it ever yield any fruit of eternal worth to you?

What can such love benefit you in any sense or matter?

Rather, seek the truest expression of love

One that is of complete, honesty, eternal, and not withholding

For love is empowering and the greatest of all.


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