Letter from Father to Son

Dear son,

Ask me not what are we going to do?

Follow my instruction and worry no more

Heed my punishment and learn it through

Would you please wash the dishes, sweep the floor?

I don’t ask much of you, but why are you

So uniquely ignorant, nerdy, and poor at listening

So quiet, so annoying, never following through

So solitary, not social enough, and not speaking?

Why do you not talk to me much?

I keep on having to ask you- speak up!

Why are you so offended by human touch?

You still aren’t putting enough ice in that cup!

Listen and learn from me- I know more

Please do and get onto your chores!

Son, I yell, come down and help me!

I am working and your assistance is needed

Don’t think that life will come to you freely

Seek out your fortune in a mannerly way

Heed my words and make the best of your day!

Grow yourself up and from that faith you seeded

I hate repeating myself to you!

Heed my words and be not passive, just do!

Stop speaking up with that monotone voice of yours

Speak up, speak up, speak up!

Make the best of your opportunities and have a great day

Talk to girls and make some friends I say

Be a man and toughen up!

Heed my words and make the best of your day!

Good relationships you should work towards

Save up and don’t wait for tomorrow

I am proud of you and how much you grow

Heed my words and make the best of your day,




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