The Open Window

Alas, leaving open a window is to be constantly considered to be harmless, yet in this case, it was not to be.

Old’ Jimmy Bob was getting hot and ceiling fans were sadly being replaced with human sensory AC units. It was a never age that Jimmy Bob disliked- he thought that the good old days were more enjoyable; then was when you would do things for a sincere contribution, yet today the doing is all to allow people to do less. So much less to the point of having nothing to do- the world has come to the age of boredom. Old Jimmy couldn’t tolerate it, so he went over to the east side of his room and unlatched the window hatch and raised the lower panel, inviting fresh air into his room.

Jimmy started to relax with ease in his long lived body and walked over to his familiar recliner and began to edge into the soothing abyss of comfort, yet it didn’t last long.
When Jimmy opened the window, many things began to happen, yet none good. Photon elements began to fuse with semidemensional light forming a black hole cloud, yet the black hole enacted as a two way door from the initial dimension we’re in and the seven other dimensions that scientists have been studying and looking for centuries. This door opened the eleventh dimension, which is a continuing vacuum of gravity that contorts everything, changing everything in its way or reach.

Poor Jimmy… he was such a good man, yet he turned out to be better after this predicament of his.
Old’ Jimmy was lifted from his recliner and he started feeling his skin, blood, and all sinewy of his body shave off, soon leaving only his mind and essence behind- he was now a ghost, you might say, but not for long. He soon found himself in a newer, fresher body. He was still free-floating yet slowly descended into his chair. He felt great; life felt great to him, and so it changed as well as everyone else on Earth, unknown to everyone at the time when the door was momentarily opened then closed.

Jimmy decided to go over and closed the window. Something caught his attention and he looked out not to see a nice clear blue sky as it were earlier, but the earthiness of greens and browns cast all about and some blue into the distance. He wondered what was going on and went out of his house and found himself standing on water…clouds? Blackness beyond that- where those stars further below him? He was walking on the sky.

-wrote this when a junior in high school


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