What is a true friend?

What does true friendship look like?
To me,
    that which is not imposed,
    rather a natural progression.

Bearing with one another,
Laughing with each other,
Living life together.

Building each other up,
And working out that which keeps us apart;
Mutually refining that which defines us.

And at the end of the day,
We are not bound by material matters,
    rather in love and respect for each other’s character.

I greatly treasure the time we have spent together
For some, it felt short and yet so priceless
And to others, I hope we continue to grow all the more.

Peace – Winter

The soft crunch of snow and ice underneath your feet
The gentle hug of hat and scarf
    and the stronger embrace from jacket and gloves
You sigh and your breath freezes for a second there

Or be it by the fireplace,
    the constant crackle as the logs give way
    and the warmth reaches straight to your soul
With cupped hands around your drink
    or embracing the one you love.
Or is Winter just hugging you back?

Two Mugs

Two mugs I order.
Two mugs set at the table,
     one before myself;
     the other to an empty seat.

Am I bold enough to tell them?
Am I willing to say what is on my heart?
Can I approach them with burning honesty
     and radiant compassion?

My shadow pulls up a chair
     to my left
“Just give them what they want to hear,
     if you must dodge the issue do so.
     Offer them a ear to hear but not your full commitment.”

My coffee returns some warmth to my hands
The steam teases my eyes to dance along
Poised to pray I take a long drink.

A man comes by with a mug in hand
     the only feature of note
     are his eyes of deep blue that are nearly black.
He looks at me with a cock of his head
     and squats into a chair to my right
“You can only play this game for so long,
     confess your love to them, not just in word but also in deed
     As cliche as it is, follow what your heart desires.”

Hands still in prayer,
     my coffee now modestly warm
I take several swallows and still
     wait for them to come in and take a seat

The door chimes and they enter in,
     golden and glowing they approach my table
     and gracefully slip into the opposing chair

The air in the room grew silent
     And I counted a cold single minute before I spoke.
“I’m glad you could make it. Don’t get me wrong,
     but you are not as great as you make yourself out to be.
“We had our fair share of laughter and sorrow, but I can’t
     keep on dating you.
“I don’t blame you for this, it’s just my obsession with you is
     why we must break up.
“We can’t grow together if my only aim is to live through you.”

At this she opens her mouth in shock,
     a wide O of her mouth
But she quickly gives me a faint smile
     piercing her lips and lifts a single finger to them.
She leaves her chair and comes to my side
     and gives me a full embrace.

I hesitant for a second,
     then I embrace her back.
She leans closer in and makes a whisper in my ear
     but no words come out.

My eyes seek hers,
     but I am staring into my coffee.
     My hands about the mug.
No second cup on the table.
I take a sweat swallow of coffee,
     and silently toast to my Past.

Some state that I hate

A face, sea of them
    Presses in
No thought created,
    already there
Assess situation
    not done, predetermined
Emotions stable
    possibly, easily off kilter
    darkened and squandered
    never caring

Root of issue-
    not a materialistic high
    no friction among facilities
    just obsession with business
    out of a heart condition
    out of unfulfilled passion
    when laziness overcomes
    when body and mind return to balance

The Anchor

The storm has taken my ship captive.
The mast long broken,
Lifeboats all spent.

I thank the rope that has me still tied to the ship,
Never to let the rain wash me away

The youthful tree, freshly planted,
Not fully taken root,
And in need of nutrients

Thank the stake that it is bound to;
That gives it firm support,
And to lead it in the right direction.

I thank those who give me hope.
When dark times come, you are there to rescue me.
Though I may dwell there, you are my rock to lean on.

May I delight in our friendship all the more!
And be there for you in equal time of need.

Fittingly Cold

I have no soul
I have no heart
I am cold as stone

I raise my glass to Nothingness
I wade in the tides of Silence
And Patience is my reward

I have no face but that of weather
Long and cold is my sound
Tight and cutting are my actions

Emptily do I shine
And bathe in the coals of Forgotten

Morning coffee (or tea)

Cup in hand,
     the warmth embraces you back.
Lifting the cup,
     there poses a gift of enticing scent.
With pursed lips you drink,
and in love you sigh,
     releasing an air of excess.
Bringing out steam of morning sun,
A liberating breath of earth and dew.
     Take another drink and have another cup